Historical Hotel Prices Data API

Get Hotel Price History Data via API

We provide historical hotel prices from multiple vendors from 2010 to the current date. Our historical hotel price data API will help you to determine and get an idea of how the prices of a certain hotels have fluctuated over the years.

How you can use this data?

  • Price analysis - By leveraging historical hotel prices data you can use this data to predict hotel prices and adjust rates during peak off seasons to earn a reasonable profit.

  • Data analysis - With the help of our historical hotel rates data API, you can understand customers’ buying patterns at a particular time, demand at a certain time of the season, rates during the middle of the week, average hotel prices & room nights booked, and other seasonal influences.

  • Distribution Strategies - By using Makcorps historical hotel price API. You can increase your bookings by analyzing the historical pricing data of hotels and choosing a suitable distribution strategy.

  • Competitive Advantage - Hotel price history data allows you to understand Hotel Price Trends. And, it can help you get a competitive advantage by customizing and adjusting your business functions according to customer demands. Providing them with on-time offers and price discounts according to the data will help you earn more bookings and earn profit.

How do we collect this data?

We collect past hotel prices data from our travel partners. We recieve this data in XML form and store in our database. We agregate this data and then return to you in JSON form.

How to get this data?

You can contact us here to get a free access to the API for 2 days.